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The Putzmeister Service Advantage

The Putzmeister Service Advantage

At Putzmeister, we work towards forging bonds with our customers that last long after they purchase a product from us. Integrity, trust and quality services go hand in hand with each partnership that we shape, while our quick and competent after sales service is available no matter where you are.

The Putzmeister Service Advantage:

  • Execution : Through more than 40 service centers in India we provide on-site maintenance and retrofit services to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Our professional workshop and service teams are set up all across the country to facilitate routine servicing of your machinery. All Putzmeister service teams work under a support structure of region, headquarter and global service partners (link to Contact us). The Putzmeister promise is that you will always find us ‘Close To Your Business’.
  • People : Our employees are highly competent processionals who undergo continuous training to become better qualified. The team’s practical experience, constant availability, and our customer oriented resource scheduling help us provide our customers a seamless experience.
  • Knowledge : Our team has access to all relevant technical information concerning our machines, and their use and application. Every partnership involves a professional transfer of knowledge so that you are fully briefed on the machine and its benefits. Our team is constantly available for analysis and consulting. We are always working towards improving our machines and products and staying up to date with the latest in technology services.
  • Assets : We provide an Electronic Parts Catalogue for reference in case customers need any help after purchase. Our commissioning service ensures that all systems are designed and installed according to the requirements of customers. We offer extended warranty and boom inspection services and provide customers with value-adding parts and accessories that can enhance the efficiency of their project. In the rare event of a complete breakdown of the machinery, we also support customers by providing stand by machines on loan. Our focus on preventive maintenance makes it almost unnecessary for repair work on machines. However, keeping in mind that most machines are put under a lot of stress, we have professional and modern tools that keep accidents at bay and help to make the process of repair easier.
  • Genuine Parts : We and our partners use only genuine parts in all our warehouses. Be sure to visit only Putzmeister service centers for authentic products and parts. Your access to the Electronic Parts Catalogue also makes it easier for you to handle equipment.
  • Safety : We provide regular training for operators and workshop managers as well applications consulting services to tackle any problem regarding use of the equipment. Our machines are equipped with safety features and accessories that keep both the operators and machines safe. The health and safety of our customers is our top priority and we have a strict safety policy no matter which part of the world we are operating in.

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